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Didn't you ever wonder what information you'd receive if you answered opportunity ads promising to surround you with luxurious free stuff? Free money? A free car? Free travel? & much more.  You've seen these ads -  weren't you ever curious about what they could possibly tell you?  After all, they have to tell you something if you send them your hard earned money!


What's the Gimmick? Is There a Catch?


Hello: My name is A. B. Shea.  I'm the author of the Mail Order "Secrets" E-x-p-o-s-e-d series. For over 20 years my company has researched business opportunity and get-rich-quick type ads by actually purchasing the products advertised then writing a research bulletin exposing the "secrets" behind ads like the following:

Wouldn’t you like to live in a designer home, be showered with free money, drive a luxurious free car, travel free to the garden spots of the world, dine in the finest restaurants,  get groceries, and much more - all absolutely free?



 "Secrets" E-x-p-o-s-e-d! 

Check out the following ads. These are copies of ads exactly as they appeared in the mail or major publications. We purchased all of these plans (and many more) in order to research information contained in the "Secrets" E-x-p-o-s-e-d eBook.


How you can make $65,000 in two days?  Weren’t you ever curious about what they could possibly tell you they did to make so much money? I was. I paid $17.00 to learn the "secret" behind this plan.

How you can live in a luxury home – rent free? Plus seven additional ways to live rent free.

How you can drive a brand new luxury car – every year – absolutely free! Imagine a brand new Mercedes, Rolls or Lamborghini parked in your driveway! A total of 15 different methods for you to drive a free car are exposed, including one method they claim originally sold for $495.00!

Free entertainment?  How you can enjoy free dining at expensive restaurants, attend major tournaments and other sporting events, go to the movies, attend a play, or get tickets to T.V. shows – all absolutely free.

How you can be invited on glamorous world-wide vacations---free?  A total of 18different free travel ways are exposed.

How you can get free groceries? People everywhere are walking out of supermarkets with carts full of groceries they didn’t even pay for! (No, they’re not shoplifters). You can find out their "secret."  You'll also find out the secret behind "When Everyone Else Is Paying Full Price, You Pay Less!

The "secrets of getting free money?  Use this "secret" to get more money than you ever imagined and never, ever have to pay it back? Couldn’t you use an extra $10,000?

Interest free credit?  How to beat the credit card companies at their own game!

Loans on post-dated checks?   A few firms will even loan you money on your post-dated check. You can find out who they are.

ATM "secrets"?  Get around the bank’s daily limit and withdraw $1500 from an ATM machine in 5 minutes?  No money in your account? Force the bank to give you a loan and take money out of the ATM anyway?  Also, how to hide your secret PIN #, yet have it readily available, and how to find an ATM that takes your card, no matter where you are in the U.S.

Stop paying taxes… legally?  Includes Federal and State income tax, personal property tax and sales tax. The IRS has admitted this loophole in the tax system has stymied them. How you can do this, too.

$1,200.00 in tax free money?  A gift from the IRS?

How you can win the lottery?  These "secrets" will increase your chances by 1600%?  Wouldn’t you like to know what they can possibly tell you to help you win all that money?

$200 every time you answer the phone -- in a business that allows you to take a 20% commission for work you don’t even perform? The originator of this plan claims to have been paid thousands of dollars for this same business plan.

Make money watching T.V.?  Lay on your couch and earn as much as you want?  We paid $15.00 to learn the "secret" behind this plan.

Legitimately make money from your credit cards?  Yes, there is a way! 

How to use your department store credit card to raise quick cash! 

A minimum of $10,000 in credit lines guaranteed?  Even if you’re unemployed, bankrupt, or in an institution?  No credit or income check.  Secret sources that even throw in free merchandise certificates. You have nothing to lose – only $10,000 in cash, credit or merchandise to gain.

Buy a home and put $10,000 in your pocket?  This information was obtained from a seminar that the plan originator claims cost $695.

The $25.00, 50-page book worth $50,000.  The concept behind this book is worth far more than $50,000. It’s an instant "rags to riches" success story and, the delightful part about it, is that giant companies pay for all the advertising and do all the work for you.

This investment secret reveals how you can turn $1,000 into $250,000?

A riskless, long term investment - you can’t lose?

A hundred times return on your money?  A miracle?  Find out!

Let free products make you a million dollars? People send you money, yet you pay for no advertising or promotion. You will sell a product that you get absolutely free?  A list of these free products is included with this plan. The originator of this plan claims this list to be worth at least $10,000?  See what you think!

How you can create a AAA credit rating?  New furniture, jewelry, sporting equipment, or anything you want can be yours?  You will be able to pass any credit investigation regardless of employment, salary, or past credit history. It’s like knowing the answers before taking a test.

How anyone can obtain an unsecured American Express™ platinum card? Even if you are unemployed, or have just declared bankruptcy?  You can even receive $10,000.00’s worth of checks ahead of time and cash them at the bank? We paid $25.00 to learn the "secret" behind this plan!

Don’t try to "repair" your credit file - start a brand new one instead! Yes, there is a way – learn how you can do this, too!  We paid $23.00 to learn this "secret"!

Guaranteed method to get a Visa™ or MasterCard™ with no credit check or security deposit – even if you’re bankrupt? 

The truth about credit repair offers.  The plans we purchased (for up to $29.00) claim this is the same information you learn at expensive credit repair clinics!

How to get free health, hospital, dental & nursing home care, as well as free prescriptions.  Almost "secret" government and other programs - who to contact!

Get paid to shop?  Make $200, $300, even $500 shopping plus get free food, gas, clothing, furnishings and more! Eat and drink in restaurants---free--and get paid for it? Stay in hotels/motels - free--and get paid for it? Have your auto serviced free and get paid for it?

How housewives can collect unemployment.  Is this for real? We paid $21.00 to find out!

Rip-Off or Financial Success?  Wouldn't You Like to Know?

The "Secrets" E-x-p-o-s-e-d eBook takes you behind the scenes and exposes the "secrets" behind all the above ads, and many more.  But that's not all...........





                 9 free gifts!             


As a promotional means of introducing this program to the internet, if you order today we will also include the following 9 additional "secrets" as a free bonus:

How You Can Own a Free Home - Not just any home, but the one you choose, regardless of price!  (We paid $25.00 to learn this "secret")

Generous Millionaires Give Away Thousands of Dollars Daily - find out how you can get your share!

How to Collect Your Share of Billions of Dollars of Unclaimed Money.

What the IRS Knows About You (including their sources of information) - stay one step ahead of them by finding out!

How You Can Become An Internet Millionaire.

How You Can Lose Weight With Miracle Soup - the More You Eat the More You Lose!  (Nope, that's not backwards.) Along with the recipe, you'll also receive the actual diet.

"Secret" Source Where You Can Buy Unclaimed Airline Baggage for Pennies on the Dollar!

How You Can Become A Millionaire - On Paper!

How You Can Get An Interest Free Loan from the IRS

For a limited time only, the price of the "Secrets" E-x-p-o-s-e-d eBook is just $24.99. In many cases, we paid more than that for just one of the "secrets" behind  these opportunity and get-rich-quick type ads.

Important : Please note - The above free bonuses are a limited time promotional offer soon to be discontinued.  Order your instant copy of this electronic book and free bonuses right now so you don't miss out. Tomorrow may be too late!

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                                                              Yours for Success, 


                                                               A. B. Shea 

P.S.  Can you really get a free home, a free luxury car, free travel, free  groceries and even free money? Can any of these plans help you achieve the great American dream? ....Which ads can lead you to riches?.....and which ads are rip-offs? In just a few minutes, you can be learning all about these "secrets" and will then be in a position to decide for yourself.   Order right now...today...and you be the Judge!  (product available by instant download)

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P.P.S. If you need credentials, the author is a notary in the State of  Florida.



E-mail contact information: abshea@SecretsExposedSite.com


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